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By on January 4th

Terminally ill Brighton and Hove people left without benefits for months From The Argus

Why should I care is the attitude of people nowadays?All you people that vote Conservative and Lib Dem, and you sit in you lovely warm homes, plenty of food, counting all the extra money you got in your tax cut, you read this,
cards againat humanity,and hang your head in shame!

All you Lib Dems that still pretend you are Lib Dems, when you’re part of this axis of evil, you read this and hang your head in shame!

To think the Tories were called the Nasty Party once?

Downright evil is the title now!

And The Lib Dems, that label will apply to you also!

You Lib Dems wear the Nasty Party badge! You’ve earned it!

I guess this truly callous,
cards against humanity price?, montrous government, would rather these people just fade away and die?

There only riff raff!

Working class people like you and I!

Why should the ConDems care?

They live in another world, a world of wealth and privilege!

What would they care about ordinary people struggling,
cards againts humanity? Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. ?

Between January 2011 and November 2011, 10,600 people died after these Benefit changes! The ConDems will not release the figures of how many have died since then! It’s probably tens of thousands now?

History has shown, when true evil conducted this level of genocide (and that is what we are dealing with now), the perpetrators of this,
stores that carry cards against humanity Malegra DXT without prescription, buy Antabuse , were fought and beaten, and eventually made accountable for their in crimes
against humanity!

And so it will be with the ConDems!

You will NOT be allowed to get away with this and you WILL be held accountable, along with the Job Centre staff that did your dirty work for you!

You won’t just be deservedly kicked out of Government!

You WILL be held accountable!t

Charities! Religious Leaders! And the working people you clearly despise will see to that!

Assuming your rancid Government survives that long literally!”

People battling a brain tumour, cancer and a rare lung condition have been forced to live for months without benefits they are entitled to as a Government department drags its feet carrying out assessments. Reporter Natalie Leal learns the stories of some of society’s most vulnerable residents, who are financially relying on friends and neighbours including one man being evicted from his home.

Terminally ill and disabled people in Brighton and Hove are being left without benefits for months while they wait for an assessment.

A report by Big Lottery funded project, Advice Brighton and Hove, has revealed major delays for disabled people applying for Personal Independence Payments (PIP) branding the backlog “untenable”.

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